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Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc.

1850 Route 46
Ledgewood, NJ 07852
Phone: 973-347-4040
Fax: 973-347-2111

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SMP-type connectors go from dc to 40 GHz
Optimized for high-frequency/high-data-rate RF coaxial applications, SMP Interface System 2062_ male and 2020_ female connectors are engineered to securely . . .
Tiny BNCs mount on PCB edge adhesive-free
Targeting broadcast and telecom applications up to 4 GHz, E-Snap Series 361EHD704 high-density 75-Ω board-edge BNC connectors are 51% . . .
Edgeboard connectors mount without adhesive
Vertical- or horizontal-mount BNC E Snap edgeboard RF connectors are for PCMICA card use in wireless applications. The miniature, . . .
RF shielded connectors handle up to 18 GHz
An addition to the company’s V-Bite RF edgeboard connector line, the 161VUs504EFT threaded RF connector features a bottom shield . . .
U-shaped device simplifies PCB connects
The Eliminator Series now includes a coaxial F interconnect device designed for applications where equally spaced rows of female . . .