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Bison Gear & Engineering

3850 Ohio Ave.
St. Charles, IL 60174
Phone: 800-AT-BISON

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10 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Custom Gearmotors
St. Charles, IL - September 18, 2009 - With heightened focus on budgets and time to market, engineers . . .
Improving gearmotor efficiency
With the concerns over the growing energy crisis, the efficiency of electric motors has become an important, timely topic. . . .
Gearmotors increase torque and power
The VWDIR40 1/2-hp, 373-W gearmotors are offered in three standard models with gear ratios of 19:1, 28:1, and 56:1. . . .
Gearmotors support various power options
Designed as Von Weise drop-In replacements, the fractional-horsepower parallel-shaft VWDIR83 gearmotors are available in 12 standard models — 6 . . .
Gearmotors replace Von Weise devices
The VWDIR line of fractional horsepower gearmotors is designed as Von Weise drop-in replacements. The line comprises more than . . .