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Avago Technologies

350 W. Trimble Rd., Bldg 90
San Jose, CA 95131
Phone: 408-435-7400

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Recent Articles for Avago Technologies:
PHY targets 100 Gbit Ethernet and OTN
The AVSP-1104 Vortex Gearbox family of PHY devices support 100 Gbit/s Ethernet and OTN connections with ten bidirectional 10 . . .
Active optical cables cost less than copper
The AFBR-7CER, AFBR-7QER, and AFBR-82CD active optical cable (AOC) assemblies provide high density SFP+ QSFP+, and CXP solutions with . . .
Data center com links save 65 MWh/year
As the demand for online media and applications in a cloud-computing environment has increased, higher bandwidth is required for . . .
Precision Optically Isolated Voltage Sensor
The ACPL-C87B/C87A/C870 voltage sensors are optical isolation amplifiers designed specifically for voltage sensing. Its 2V input range and high . . .
Ultra Low Power 10MBd Digital CMOS Optocoupler
The ACNW261L (single-channel, widebody 400mil DIP-8 package) optocoupler is part of the Avago ultra low power ACPL-x6xL digital optocouplers . . .

Videos for Avago Technologies:
IMS2010-Avago Technologies
Avago's booth demonstrations
By Steve Saw, Product Marketing Manager and Saul Espino, Application Engineer for Avago's Wireless Division
MTTS2008 Show Coverage - Avago
Avago Technologies
Christina Nickolas talks with Titus Wandinger at the Avago booth at MTTS about the recently introduced RF amplifier
Reference Design Documents for Avago Technologies:
Optical Finger Navigation Sensors
Avago Technologies has introduced a range of Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) sensors family that is suitable for navigation interface devices and mobile input devices. These OFN sensors are low power sensor and coupled with small form factor package are suitable for hand held devices requiring navigation capabilities. Examples of end user application include integrated input devices, batterypowered input devices and finger input devices. The OFN devices use an Infra-Red (IR) Light Emitting Diode (LED) as its light source. It has a wavelength of 870nm.
2.4GHz RF Wireless USB Optical Mouse Designer's Kit
This design guide describes a low power wireless optical mouse design using the new Avago Technologies low power, small form factor ADNS-5090 optical mouse sensor, Texas Instruments (TI) MSP430F2274 microcontroller and Nordic Semiconductor (Nordic) nRF24L01A 2.4GHz RF transceiver.
One Chip USB LaserStream Mouse Designer's Kit
The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry standard serial interface between a computer and peripherals such as mouse, joystick, keyboard, headset, etc. The ADNK-7703 design guide describes how a cost-effective USB laser mouse can be built using the Avago Technologies ADNS-7700 one chip USB LaserStream mouse sensor. The document starts with basic operation of USB laser mouse, followed by the assembly recommendation, USB interface, OTP configurations, system design considerations and applications circuits, BOM, and PCB layout in appendices.
Complete List of Avago Technologies' RF/Wireless Reference Designs
Avago has Demonstration circuit boards for many of our most popular RF/Wireless devices. To obtain one of these boards, please contact one of our franchised distributors:
The HEDS-9200 series is a high performance, low cost, optical incremental encoder module. When operated in conjunction with a codestrip, this module detects linear position. The module consists of a lensed LED source and a detector IC enclosed in a small C-shaped plastic package. Due to a highly collimated light source and a unique photodetector array, the module is extremely tolerant to mounting misalignment.
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