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215 Moffett Park Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Phone: 408-542-8600
Fax: 408-542-8604

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Recent Articles for AppliedMicro:
Fast NAS processor IC has PCIe, SATA, GbE
The APM86491 network-attached-storage SoC uses a 1.2-GHz PowerPC 465 core and is said to offer twice the performance of . . .
Power Architecture MCUs target consumer
Providing a family of low-power processors for embedded applications such a smart phones and energy meters using the Power . . .
Processors target storage and multimedia
The APM82181 and APM82161 single-core high-performance processors target multifunction storage applications and media servers for the connected digital home. . . .
10-GbE framer/mapper/PHY chips reduce power and save space
The Yahara S10123/0124/0126 framer/mapper/PHY ICs support 10-Gbit Ethernet, metro and long-haul network applications, and meet requirements for Multi-Service Transport . . .
AMCC Framer/Mapper/PHY IC breaks new ground
Everyone would probably agree that 10-Gbit Ethernet is important and becoming way more so. The Pemaquid S19528 Framer/Mapper/PHY IC . . .