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Amphenol Industrial Operations

40-60 Delaware Ave.
Sidney, NY 13838
Phone: 607-563-5378
Fax: 607-563-5157

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IP67 power connector reduces mating errors
The IP67-rated Amphe-SP3 single-pole thermoplastic power connector is designed with 90- and 120-color and keyway positions of different polarity . . .
Fuse protects against ground fault damage
The HelioFuse is a molded in-line fuse that helps protect photovoltaic (PV) systems from ground fault current damage. The . . .
Low-amp connectors feature EMI shielding
The IP67-rated ePower 200 connector series is aimed at small-scale electromechanical systems with a 200-A current limit, as well . . .
Threaded connectors suit harsh conditions
Suited for use in harsh outdoor conditions, the ATEX- and IECex-approved Amphe-EX Series threaded connectors are designed to allow . . .
Solar-panel connector improves reliability
The 4-mm Helios H4 connector for photovoltaic systems features a locking design and improved gasket materials to enhance reliability. . . .