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Advanced Thermal Solutions

89 Access Rd. Ste. 27
Norwood, MA 02062
Phone: 781-769-2800
Fax: 781-769-9979

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Recent Articles for Advanced Thermal Solutions:
Instrument reads temp, pressure for cold plates
The iFLOW-200 system assesses the thermal and hydraulic characteristics of cold plates, measuring coolant temperature at inlet and outlet, . . .
Liquid crystals reveal device hot spots
The TLC-100 spray-on liquid crystals are designed for heat transfer studies and mapping heat fields on electronic components or . . .
Heat sinks feature push-pin mounting
The maxiFLOW heat sinks feature an integral push pin mounting system for fast, safe attachment of the heat sinks . . .
Temp analyzer checks heat sinks, PCBs fully
Designed for comprehensive profiling of heat sinks, components, and PCBs, the iQ-200 thermal analysis system simultaneously measures, at multiple . . .
Heat assembly uses minimal board space
The superGRIP assembly is a two-part attachment system featuring a low-profile maxiFLOW heat sink with spread fin architecture, allowing . . .

Reference Design Documents for Advanced Thermal Solutions:
Velocity and Temperature Measurement
The ISD-232 board-mounted device is designed to measure air flow temperature and velocity using two sensors. ISD-232 board is used for independent applications that require high speed data rate. It has two independent sensors for determining air temperature and velocity to facilitate rapid feedback of the airflow inside the measurement area or, if required, simply for direct measurement of the flowparameters.