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Acromag, Inc.

30765 South Wixom Rd.
Wixom, MI 48393-7037
Phone: 248-295-0310
Fax: 248-624-9234

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XMC module has FPGA, PCIe, SRIO, 10-GbE
The XMC-6VLX XMC mezzanine module features an Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA enhanced with multiple high-speed memory buffers and high-bandwidth serial . . .
I/O module plugs into FPGA cards
The AXM-75 multi-function I/O extension module adds A/D, D/A, and digital I/O signal processing functions to compatible PMC and . . .
PCIe carrier takes four IndustryPack modules
The APCe8650 IndustryPack carrier card offers an easy solution for interfacing I/O mezzanine modules to a PCI Express embedded . . .
VPX FPGA board has Spartan-6, fast SRAM
The VPX-SLX 3U VPX FPGA board employs a configurable, logic-optimized Spartan-6 FPGA with 150,000 logic cells for high performance . . .
Industrial PC certified for hazardous locations
The I/O Server Industrial PC (IOS-7400 or IOS-7200) is a ruggedized computer for applications with extreme temperatures, shock, and . . .