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Absopulse Electronics Limited

110 Walgreen Rd.
Carp, ON K0A 1L0
Phone: 613-836-3511
Fax: 613-836-7488

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Rack-mount power features 4.5-kW output
The PFC 4K5-3U19 series modular, rack-mount ac/dc power supply system with PFC input delivers 4.5 kW or 3 kW . . .
1-kW, dc/dc converter uses convection cooling
The BAP 1K-U7712 series of dc/dc converters that generate up to 1kW output power with convection cooling. Housed in . . .
Sine-wave inverter offers battery, charger
The CSI 100-24V-24AH-AA-PEL is a portable sine-wave inverter with a built-in battery bank and charger that suits heavy-duty field-environments. . . .
100-W supplies suit railway environments
The MIW 152R series dual-output, railway-quality ac/dc power supplies deliver 100-W output power. They meet the requirements of EN . . .
750-W supply enables switchgear motor start-up
The HBC 319-A/125FTS ac/dc power supply delivers 750-W peak output power without fan cooling. It suits the high . . .