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APM Hexseal Corp.

44 Honeck St.
Englewood, NJ 07631
Phone: 800-498-9034
Fax: 201-569-4106

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Switch Sealing Boots
APM Hexseal
Using advanced elastomer molding technology, a broad range of sealing boots are produced to match most controls manufacturers standard part numbers. Most are IP66/68 ingress protection rated and have an operational life in excess of 100,000 actuations, and UL Recognized. APM sealing products are used extensively in marine, medical, military, process industry, electronic instrumentation, off-road and construction equipment — wherever hostile environmental/operational conditions exist.
Self-Sealing Fastener
Self-Sealing Fastener Video Answers Frequently Asked Questions - APM Hexseal
The APM Fastening-Sealing Division manufacturers an extensive line of high-pressure (to 20,000psi internal/external) stainless steel, self sealing screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, and self-sealing high pressure washers. The APM Fastener design employee’s elastomeric embedded O-Ring for 100% metal-to-metal surface contact. No harmful chemicals are used; therefore no harmful vapors or waste disposal problems can occur. For high-vibration application various thread locking option are offered.