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AKM Semiconductor, Inc.

1731 Technology Dr Suite 500
San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: 408-436-8580
Toll Free: 888-AKM-SEMI
Fax: 408-436-7591

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Stereo audio codec boosts performance
Delivering high-quality audio in mobile multimedia devices, the 24-bit AK4953A stereo audio codec features multiple analog input and output . . .
32-bit DAC enables high-quality sound
A member of the Audio4pro product family, the 32-bit AK4399 stereo D/A converter offers an advanced architecture that enables . . .
32-bit stereo DAC boasts sound quality
A member of the Audio4Pro product family, the 32-bit stereo D/A converter has three different digital filters: a 32-bit . . .
Audio codec offers capless headphone amp
Suited for DTV systems, the AK4685 audio codec provides differential input/output and a stereo headphone amplifier that eliminates the . . .
32-bit DAC offers low latency
Ideal for live sound applications, the 32-bit AK4390 stereo D/A converter features a latency of seven samples (7/fs). The . . .

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