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AC to DC Power Supplies

The AC to DC power supplies section lists energy sources which provide DC power outputs when an AC input is applied. Including all types of AC to DC supplies, both switching and linear, this group features board supplies, modular, and lab type units.
1 to 5 W power supplies configured to be mounted on a printed circuit board.
General purpose AC to DC power supplies which change an AC input into a DC source capable of supplying 300 to 1500 watts to a load.
Bipolar Power Supply is capable of supplying either positive or negative voltage at an output terminal. Inputs of the two operational amplifiers are electrically connected to prevent simultaneous large positive voltages at their outputs.
A regulated power supply which acts to keep its output current constant in spite of changes in load, line or temperature.
A constant voltage power supply is a unit that supplies electrical power to another unit. It changes AC to DC while maintaining a constant voltage
General purpose AC to DC power supplies which change an AC input into a DC source capable of supplying over 1500 watts to a load.
High Voltage Power Supply is an electrical device that supplies an electrical circuit of 500 volts or more.
Hot Swap Power Supplies are identical and interchangeable and do not interact with the system software. The computer components may be removed or replaced while it is operating. An example of this is the USB.
An AC/DC Isolated Power Supply with PFC > 90W is used to convert the AC power lines to an isolated regulated DC output for powering notebook computers. It operates with a wide-range of AC inputs from 85V to 265V with one output in the 12V to 20V range.
General purpose AC to DC power supplies that change an AC input into a DC source capable of supplying <300 watts to a load.
Usually uses a transformer to convert the voltage from AC to a different, usually lower DC voltage.
A Modular Power Supply provides connectors at the power supply end, allowing unused cables to be detached from the power supply, producing less clutter and interference with airflow. It also makes it possible to supply a wider variety of cables.
General purpose AC to DC power supplies that change an AC input into a one or more DC outputs.
Encapsulate and open-frame power supplies that are mounted on printed circuit boards to save space and allow low profile applications.
Power supplies that provide voltages with high accuracy for specific needs such as test, military, and medical applications
The output voltage and/or frequency have the capability of being adjusted or programmed via computer control or a test program.
Electronic equipment designed to be placed in a rack. It is capable of operating from either an AC or a DC primary power source.
Redundant Power Supplies are commonly used in conjunction with RAID arrays in systems requiring a high degree of fault tolerance. This power supply includes two (or more) units within it, each of which is capable of powering the entire system by itself.
SMPS is an electronic power supply unit that incorporates a switching regulator which rapidly switches a power transistor between saturation (full on) and cutoff (completely off) with a variable duty cycle whose average is the desired output voltage.
Universal input AC to DC power supplies refer to power supplies that can accept an AC main supply voltage across a wide range of input voltages (typically: 85–264V AC) without manual selection.
Power supplies with high voltage outputs from 10 V to 50 kV to power X-Ray equipment.
A device which maintains a continuous supply of electric power to connected equipment by supplying power from a separate source. These emergency power systems could be used to provide uninterrupted power to equipment for up to 20 minutes.
The battery power supply system includes a plurality of charge lines for connecting the battery charger to the plurality of batteries and a plurality of discharge lines. Battery chargers are generally AC to DC devices that charge specific batteries.
COTS ruggedized power supplies are standard AC to DC supplies but designed to meet particular environmental and/or military specifications and requirements. Used primarily in harsh environments, space, or in military systems.
Current Sources (67 Companies)
A device that delivers or absorbs current. It is the dual of a voltage source. Ideal current source is a circuit element where the current through it is independent of the voltage across it. The internal resistance of an ideal current source is infinite.
A DIN rail or top-hat rail is a standardized 35 mm wide metal rail with hat-shaped cross section.on which a power supply is mounted.
Emergency and Standby Power Supplies transfer one or more load connections from one power source to another before the primary power line goes down, avoiding disruption in system operation.
Encapsulated Power Supplies (129 Companies)
A power supply with a protective coating of cured plastic or epoxy, which encloses the unit, seals it and provides weatherproofing.
Enclosed Power Supplies (227 Companies)
An enclosed power supply is a unit that is completely surrounded to protect it from the environment.
5 W or greater power supply configured to be mounted on a printed circuit board.
Laboratory Power Supply is a regulated DC source having less than 10-kV output at up to 500W; output adjustable over a wide range, usually down to zero; regulation on the order of +- 0.01 percent static line and load.
Power Supplies with less than 1 W output configured to be mounted on a printed circuit board.
Linear supplies that meet medical requirements for stabilized loads, EMI and ESD specifications.
Switching power supplies that meet medical requirements especially for EMI and EMC for patient and operator safety.
Open Frame Power Supplies (172 Companies)
Power Supplies with an open-frame construction may consist of a circuit board that is mounted on a chassis that does not have a cover or a stand-alone printed circuit board. Often used with OEM power supply manufacturing techniques.
Plug-In Power Supplies (165 Companies)
Small-sized power supplies typically for portable electronic devices.
A Power Factor Correction unit consists of a number of capacitors that are switched by means of contactors. These contactors are controlled by a regulator that measures power factor in an electrical network, by use of a Current Transformer (CT).
Power Modules (152 Companies)
A Power Electronic Module provides the physical containment for several power components, usually Power semiconductor devices.

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